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Noah's Ark - Skeptic

Evolution or Creationism - The National Academies

The nation turns to the National Academies -- National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and National Research Council -- for independent, objective advice on issues that affect people's lives worldwide.

Creationism - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Articles discussing many common misconceptions concerning creationism and evolutionary biology.

Evolution - News - Science - The New York Times

News about evolution. Commentary and archival information about evolution from The New York Times.

Bibles - Shop for Christian Books, Bibles, Music, Homeschool Products, Gifts & more 1800 hours of Audio and Video Products

This Website contains over a terabyte of Bible reference material all original for Studying God's Word

HearGoodNews MP3 FREE Bible Download

KJV audio Bible by Alexander Scourby on English Bible CD, DVD and MP3 multimedia Bible Suite

Welcome to the Firefighters for Christ MP3 Download Site!


Church of Christ at Manor Woods

Churches - Rockville, MD

Washington Churches


Creation Science Resources

EO Library Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment (SORCE) Page 3

Global Warming- Fact or Fiction

ICR - Teaching Creation Science in Public Schools

Noah's Ark Search - The Explorers Of Ararat And the Search for Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

The Revolution Against Evolution

The Search For Noah's Ark Presentation

Were people in the Old Testament really that Old Neanderthal man buried alive jack Cuozzo old age patriarchs

Creation SuperLibrary [HOME] - a part of ChristianAnswers.Net

Top choice for accurate, indepth information on Creation/Evolution. The SuperLibrary is provided by a team of experts who answer your questions on a wide variety of topics. Multilingual.

Jesus Dinosaurs and More dinosaurs bible creation evolution

dinosaurs in the bible human evolution ape man creation evolution hominids Neanderthal t-rex t rex

Life on Earth is complex and varied. Ancient history and fossils conflict with believed evolutionary dating methods.

Creationism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What is Creationism? Non-committed site

Brief descriptions of the different varieties of creationism, both Bible-based and otherwise, with examples of notable proponents.

Creation Ministries

Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries offers comperehensive creationist presentations, tailorable to any size audience.

Answers in Genesis - Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics

Family Values

Family Research Council

Focus on the Family With Dr. James Dobson

Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson

Institute in Basic Life Principles

Genome Information National Human Genome Research Institute

Mapping the Human Genome: Does It Prove Evolution? : Christian Courier

Scientists recently announced that they have “mapped” the human genome. Some are alleging that this discovery contains positive “proof” for Darwin’s theory of evolution. Wayne Jackson addresses this issue.

Christian Century: Genome chief: on awe and imperfect beings - News - Physician-geneticist Francis Collins speaks on genetic research - Brief Article - Statistical Data Included

Christian Medical & Dental Assoc - Standards 4 Life: Human Genome Project - Christian Medical & Dental Associations - Human Genone Project

CMDA provides educational resources and networking opportunities, medical missions, and a public voice for Christian doctors, healthcare professionals and students

Apologetics Press - The Human Genome Project, the Christian, and Medical Ethics

Apologetics Press, Inc.


Music Of Faith

Second American Revolution: Randall Terry

The Forerunner


Christian Research Institute ~ Home of the Bible Answer Man, Hank Hanegraaff - Devotionals, Christian Music, Family, Christian News, Forums & more

Joni and Friends

Max Lucado - Upwords -the Ministry and Teachings

The Moody Church

Campus Crusade for Christ Ministry Resources

Campus Crusade for Christ's resource ministry serves churches and individual Christians with training, discipleship and outreach resources. - Christian Apologetics from C.S. Lewis Society

Christian apologetics website tackling tough questions about evolution and creation, the reliability of Scripture, and historical evidences for the Bible. The bookstore features cutting-edge Intelligent Design and general apologetics DVDs, videos and books at the best prices on the net!

The Forerunner

The Forerunner

Pantano Men's Ministry Mission Statement


Biblical Discernment Ministries Classic Articles and Resources of the Historic Christian Faith

Tom Winleman's Bble Study Manuals

Early Church Fathers

Executable Outlines - Free sermon outlines and Bible studies!

Executable Outlines by Mark A. Copeland - Hundreds of free sermon outlines and Bible studies available for online browsing and downloading.

World Wide Study Bible (Online)

Arabic Christian Sermons and Songs site

This is a non-denominational Arabic Christian site to provide Arabic sermons and songs to Arabic speaking community

The WAVA Program Guide....

Welcome to, 105.1 WAVA FM!

MP3 & RealPlayer Sites

Radio - Institute for Creation Research (ICR)

Radio Archive (Answers in Genesis), including Podcasts

Mini-dramas (Answers in Genesis)

Answers Radio (Answers in Genesis)

Dimensions of Truth - Mp3 Messages

Dimensions of Truth is a Ministry of the Kingdom of God, promoting the deeper study of Gods Word and the reconciling of the Body of Jesus Christ to him via writings and free online penetecostal mp3 sermons.

Great Preachers, Worlds Greatest Pastors, Great Men Of God (Higher Praise Preachers)

Higher Praise Specializing in Sermons, HigherPraise Church Resources and Christian Info. With Hundreds of Free Audio Sermons, Illustrations and Outlines, Research Tools, Praise & Worship Music, Lyrics, Chord Charts, Midi Files, HigherPraise Bible Software and Clip Art. Higher Praise is your #1 Christian Resource, Talking Bible, Youth Ministry, Children's Church, Educational Games, Christian Chat, Web Graphics, 24/7 Christian TV, Pictures, Jesus Film, Screen Savers, Software Search Engine, Church Administration and Direct Prayer Email Link. All items are Free and can be down loaded

MP3 audio files for Select Sermons - faith cometh by hearing

The largest library of over 91,000 free MP3 audio sermons and podcasts on the web, live audio and video webcasts, video and pdf sermons, breaking news, member blogs, web stores, surveys, photo galleries, 24-hour preaching and music web radio stations, online hymnal + - Ministry Listing

Live and archived Christian broadcasts from radio stations across the country and from top speakers such as James Dobson, Chuck Swindoll, and Charles Stanley. Listen for Life!


Ordination By Mail, ordained minister pastor evangelist reverend, WCM

Ordination, ordained minister, be ordained almost immediately, perform wedding ceremonies, your own ministry or church, America's #1 Christian ordination by mail ministry 24 years of experience, do all Christian ceremonies

Other Cultures

CJF Ministries

Spreading the gospel of Yeshua HaMashiach by missionaries, literature, videos, and the "Messianic Perspectives" radio broadcast.

Messianic Jew - Y'shua Revealed

Messianic Jew - Yeshua revealed as the Messiah. The power of prophecy in the Jewish scriptures. Wonderful testimonies and ministries from the Jewish community.


Living Waters Canada

Answers Bookstore | Home Page

Family Christian Stores

Your source for Christian books, Christian music, Kid’s CDs & DVDs, Bibles in the translation you’re looking for & gifts that matter!

LifeWay Christian Stores

Parable Christian Stores - Your Bible bookstore for Christian books, Bibles, music and Bible studies

Parable Christian Stores - Your Bible bookstore for Christian books, Bibles, music and Bible studies. A full selection of Bibles, Christian books, Christian music, Christian videos, Christian gifts, Christian outlet items and Christian accompaniment tapes.

Christ-Centered Shopping Mall: Christian stores, shops, gifts, & services

The Christ-Centered Shopping Mall features Christian stores, shops, gifts, & services such as Christian art, Christian music, Christian web page design, Messianic banners, porcelain angel figurines, Christian-related apparel, Bible verse babies, tabrets, and more! - Shop for Christian Books, Bibles, Music, Homeschool Products, Gifts & more is the online home of Christian Book Distributors (CBD), the world's largest distributor of Christian resources. For over 25 years we've offered Christian books, music, Bibles, videos, software, gifts and more at the lowest prices and with unbeatable service.

Christian Books, Bibles and Books on Christian Values

Christian Books, Bibles and Christian resources such as Books, Bibles, Videos and music.

3:16 Christian Bookstore - Study Bibles

Christian books, Bibles, videos, music and more. Great savings with great service.

Bibles - The Bible Source

Christian Bible products, bible on CD, audio bibles, bible on dvd, cassette, MP3, CD-ROM, software, books, electronic Bibles. King James Bible, NIV Bible, New American Standard, New King James, Foreign, Spanish, Catholic versions and more.