Bottomless Pit (Abussos (Gk))

Used 9 times in N.T. 7-Rev, Lk 8:31, Rom 10:7                                        

Lk 8:31 - Madman of Gadarenes

“Place where demons don’t want to go”

 place where satan is chained during millennium

5th trumpet of tribulation - Rev 9:1-12 “locusts” come out of bottomless pit

Who is there II Peter 2:4, Jude 6  – demons

2nd half of Tribulation pit opened released - Genesis 6

Satan released “a little season” then cast into “lake of fire”


Lake of Fire

Rev 19:20 Beast and false prophet “cast alive into ..”

Ultimate eternal hell Rev 20:10

Who is there - no one

After tribulation - Beast, false prophet

After millennium - Rev 20:10 Satan - final hell

After Great White Throne - Rev 20:13-15 all unsaved humanity


Sheol (Heb O.T.) 66 times   / Hades (Gk N.T.)

“World of the dead”

Before the resurrection two parts (righteous = Paradise Lk 23:43

  Abrahams Bosom Lk 16:22-23


What is the waiting place like (Lk 16:19-24) - Lazarus

After resurrection Eph 4:8-10


Hell (same as lake of fire) Topheth (O.T.) / Gehenna (N.T.) (lit. Valley of Hinnom south of Jerusalem)

Topeth - II Kings 23:10

Gehenna only used by Jesus 12 times

Mat 5:29-30 “Body” of unsaved goes into Gehenna

Today - No one there (they are in Hades)

Hinnon - idolaters burned then children, sacrificed to Moloch(II Chron 28:3,33:6)

God cursed valley (place of burning) Jer 7:28-34